A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…
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It is a time of civil war.

Across the vast galaxy, small groups of brave freedom-fighters struggle against the tyranny and oppression of the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE.

On the desert world TATOOINE, another smaller – if no less significant – battle for freedom has yet to feel its first flame…

The Jawas of Clan Klin’Ket have toiled many years under the yoke of enslavement to the Tusken warchief Gai’Toh.

The salvage season draws to a close and the DUNE SEA has been particularly cruel this year, denying the dwindling crew of the sandcrawler Oko Bom’loo (Cold Bargain) any salvage worthy of bringing back to the Tusken encampment, where their mates’ and pups’ lives now hang in the balance.

They must return soon, and with a horde rich enough to pay the punishing annual ransom Gai’Toh demands for their familes’ safety.

And just when all seems lost, on the horizon there appears a glimmer of hope, a beacon of fortune blazing a trail of fire across the sky…

Star Wars (D6) - The Esurient Void: Utinni

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