GR-75 Medium Transport

Gr 75 medium transport

Though numerous transport ships have been employed across the galaxy, the Gallofree Yards transport is one of the most ubiquitous and often-used. It is a sleek-looking vessel, especially considering its size, but its outward appearance belies its slow and ponderous nature. The ships can be used as freighters, but due to their low speed are most often used as short-range transports, moving goods and passengers from planet to planet, planet to station, or star system to star system.

During the Mandalorian Clone Wars, the GR-75 was popular with the Republic Navy as a resupply craft. Large numbers of the transports were used to supplement the Old Republic’s extensive supply lines, enabling those lines to be stretched thin without significant interruption to the flow of goods to the front. A scant few were modified with improved shields and heavy weaponry and used to lure unwary pirates to their doom.

With the rise of the New Order, these venerable transports have found themselves pushed aside in favor of models constructed by companies more favored by Imperial Authority.

GR-75 Medium Transport

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