Afaya (Clan) Klin'Ket

Little is known of this “family” of Jawas except that they toiled for some time as slaves to the Tusken warchief Gai’Toh.

At some point, Gai’Toh’s previously nomadic wartribe took over and settled in the Afaya’s warren in an abandoned mine on the edge of the Dune Sea.

Some xenologists think this may have been another in a string of ‘territorial disputes’ which resulted from “unnatural migratory patterns” adopted by indiginous populations after the Imperial Authority in Bestine instituted a series of military run operations aimed at “civilizing” Tatooine’s native life forms. Gai’Toh’s tribe had been involved in the Tusken Uprising of 18BBY and, with the Imperial authorities hot on their heels, spent the years following that event almost constanly on the move in the Dune Sea, possibly overwhelming the tiny Clan at some point during this time period and ‘going to ground’.

Every season the Tuskens demanded heavy tributes from the Afaya’s salvage crews in exchange for sparing the lives of their mates and cubs, held captive within the occupied mine-warren.

Afaya (Clan) Klin'Ket

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