Star Wars (D6) - The Esurient Void: Utinni

The blessings of the Great and Terrible God-Trader of Nufuzu fall upon the Jawas of Afaya Klin'Ket
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The crew of the sandcrawler Oko Bom’loo (Cold Bargain) are at the end of yet another agonizingly thin salvage season on the Dune Sea. Mired in hopelessness at the prospect of returning to their Tusken slavemasters with little to show for their many months of scavenging, the Jawa’s suddenly find themselves awash in good fortune.

A large cargo transport falls from the sky just a day’s crawl away from them.

Rushing to the scene of the crash, the Jawas begin the laborsome work of salvaging the massive starship.

A party of the Oko’s elite delvers prepares to be the first to enter the wreckage!

What will they find?

Are the Gods of the great Underwarren finally smiling upon their lost children?

Stay tuned!


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